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How much do you charge per hour?

Best Mariachi Band in Indio prices are per hour and depends on the location of your event and the amount of hours that we perform. Please call (760) 895-9603 or email us at mariachipalmero@gmail.com for more details.

What is the minimum amount of hours?

Yes, we have a two hour minimum for all events on Saturdays in order to receive our discounted rate. However, we do understand that not everybody needs two hours, so we have special rates for one hour events as well.

Is there a transportation charge?

If your event is in the local Coachella Valley, in Indio, Palm Springs areas Best Mariachi Band Indio,Ca won?t charge for transportation. You might incur an additional (non-hourly) transportation fee based on the mileage traveled. Please call or text and ask.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. All customers are required to give us a deposit and is not refundable after 24 hours. unless we are performing for a government institution such as a school. If this is the case please call us for more information.

How much deposit do you require??

Depends on the amount of hours hired.

How do I pay you the deposit??

You can either mail us a check (business only), meet with us in person or pay us online.

Do you refund deposits?

The only way and reason you would get a refund is if we did not show up. Here you will find our Terms and Conditions as well. Refunds are not applicable or refundable for these reasons

  • Did not like the mariachi
  • trumpets were to loud
  • Mariachi was late
  • Got more musicians then you asked
  • Not having the exact musicians in the videos or photos
  • Did not get the exact amount of musicians requested, the final payment will be adjusted to the amount of musicians that performed. (Our musicians do get sick and have emergencies sometimes that permits them from working)
  • Mariachi was late (We will play our commitment to you if we are late, we cannot control the weather, traffic or hiccups. If your event is time sensitive like a wedding or religious please let us know so we can take appropriate steps in insuring we are available or not accept your event)
  • Breach any verbal or written contracts
  • Decided you didn?t want the amount of hours requested last minute
  • Due to ?thinking? breaks are to long
  • “Thinking” the mariachi takes to long to play between songs. (We receive a lot of song request from your guest, we try to play them in order so none is offended)
  • Can not take legal action if a full refund was given back
  • If client decides to forfeit there deposit (This can be in a text, email or verbal)?and not accept a full refund, no legal action can be taken
  • Any unfortunate incident with clients and musicians
  • After 24 hours deposit was received
  • Did not receive the exact package in pricing page
  • Did not like our Mariachi outfit
  • Mariachi Los Palmeros have a minimum of one hour performance. In the case your interested in less then one hour the fee wil be the total of a one hour performance. (We can play the full hour or just play the amount of songs you request. We are at your disposal for that hour)
  • Did not receive a contract. Deposit is considered a form of contract obligation.
  • Payment is due before or after performance. If payment is not received before or after performance legal action will be taken and a fine of $900.00 atop of the full balance will be imposed.
  • Police stopped the event, client is responsible for knowing there cities laws for noise ordinance
  • The Client is responsible for obtaining all permits from the venue or business necessary to allow Mariachi Los Palmeros to perform. If at any time Mariachi Los Palmeros is ordered to stop performing by the Client (for any reason at all), police or a venue representative the performance will be considered completed and the balance amount will be due in full. The Client must provide a safe place, away from excessive heat, cold, wind, rain or other extreme weather for Mariachi Los Palmeros to perform.

I don’t want to pay a deposit because i don’t trust the internet is the Mariachi still willing to come to my event?

If a deposit is not placed and processed, Best Mariachi Band in Indio?Mariachi Los Palmeros are not obligated to your event. If a agreement was made and a deposit was not made it does not guarantee a performance from Mariachi Los Palmeros. If another client hires Mariachi Los Palmeros through a formal deposit and contract we will fulfill our agreement to that event as a priority.

Will you take credit cards??

Yes, we do. You can pay us securely through Paypal with either a credit card, or a debit card.

How long in advanced do I have to book you??

Depending on the date of your event is, we might be booked as far as a year in advance during the premium months. What we always recommend is at least one month in advance, but call Best Mariachi Band in Indio at (760) 895-960. We might be available.

How many musicians are in the group?

For most residential events we usually perform with 3 to 6 musicians, but we can perform with a group as big as twelve musicians. The size of the group would depend on the type of event that you have, the size of the venue, and your budget.

Can you play at churches?

We can play the mass for weddings, quincea?eras, and funeral masses. We recommend that you talk to your priest beforehand to make sure that Mariachi music is allowed in the church.

I?m nowhere near close to Indio, Coachella Valley and Palm Springs areas can you come and perform in (insert city name here)?

We can, but transportation and lodging would have to be paid for by the client where applicable and the price per hour and minimum amount of hours would vary depending the location.

I want to hire you. Now what do I do?

All you have to do to hire the?Best Mariachi Band in Indio is call us or text us (easier way to get a hold of us) at 760-895-9603 or email us at mariachipalmero@gmail.com. We need your Name, Address, date and time of your event, the address of the event, and your email. After that, we email you, or mail you the contract, and after you verify that the information is correct, you will deposit through our website, and the rest is paid on the day of the event. Mariachipalmero.com/book-now

Do you accept checks or credit cards for the remaining balance??

Best Mariachi Band in Indio will accept corporate checks, but not personal checks for the balance. For private events we require that the balance is paid in cash or paid in check at least two weeks before we perform.

Which songs do you know, can you give me a list of songs?

Our repertoire numbers in the hundreds of songs, so we don?t have a specific list.. If you have specific request please let us know which songs you want, and if we don?t know them, we will try to learn them by your event date provided that we have enough time.

Will you be there on time?

Yes, we book all of our events with enough time in between them to allow for any contingencies. That being said, there might be a rare occurrence where weather or traffic delay us, and those are unfortunately out of our control the time will be replaced. If you live in place that does not appear in google maps, we require that you give us directions. We also require an emergency contact number in case we have an emergency and are running late.

I decided I don?t want music in my event anymore. Will I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund for the deposit in the case of a client cancellation. If you have an emergency, and have to change your event date, we will credit you with some or all of the deposit towards the new date. By placing, making and the deposit being received and processed the clients have read and accepted all terms and conditions and any concerns?have?been addressed. If you have any questions please call for more info.

What happens if you cancel or don?t show up at my event??

In the case of an emergency (accident, traffic Jam, etc) where we become unable to perform due to any emergency we will try to find you another group or entertainer (we would pay the difference from deposit made.)?Once the entertainment is fulfilled the client is responsible for paying the discounted balance. The deposit is not refundable as a group would have provided service and deposit applied to secure the other group, solist, duet, trio, etc. We are not responsible for over charges made by the other entertainers.